Child Of The Heart

“Child of the Heart” is a dreamscape written while suffering the sad pain of anxiety disorder. The author was instructed to write a letter to his “inner child.” The result is an exciting tale of capture and escape that takes place in the mind of our protagonist. While written about serious and debilitating disease, it is filled with humor and recognizable voices that all of us deal with all the time. It also has fearful and frightening images that are a manifestation of a disease when it’s out of control. Two of the characters you will find are “Wort” who personifies worry, and “Mort” who personifies the tendency to predict catastrophe. They are twins, tiny men who sit on the protagonist’s shoulders, squabbling and fussing their way through the landscape of inner angst. Child of the Heart is a look into the human mind through the personification of its symptoms. If you’ve ever suffered these sad feelings you’ll recognize and sympathize the voices of the inner mind that find faces in Child of The Heart.

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